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Giving Up Breastfeeding.

What they don’t tell you.

So I breastfed until Damion was 7 Months. To some that is too short and to others too long. I promised myself 6 months and then I would stop. The problem was I then couldn’t stop. Damion simply refused. It’s like he heard it was Crack and I had told him endlessly “say no to drugs”. I must have spent endless hours on google trying to discover how to get him off my boob.

This, my reader is the endless hours of research condensed down.

So at 6 months you should be able to go from boob to sippy cup. Four brands later and if he helped himself, Damion would happily drink water from a sippy cup, Milk, hell no. So in the long term my child will have a bottle association issue. #mumguilt

After the sippy cup fail I tried five different bottles. Yes five. I was seen in shops trying to visualize my own nipple compared to a silicon teat. If I could have whipped it out in the store I would have. With a baby it is breastfeeding, without one it is stripping.

The best advice…. Somewhat starve him. Not Ethiopian child starve him but give up one boob feed and give him bottle instead. DO NOT ATTEMPT BED TIME FEED!!! This simply involves WWIII drama. Try this for three or four days and then give up the next feed and so on.

  • Do not despair as one day it just clicks.
  • Don’t try every bottle. There simply is no point. Just keep trying that same bottle.
  • Do not get naked in the shop.
  • Your boobs, no matter how slowly you give up, feel like Pamela Anderson’s but with lumps.
  • Warm the milk to body temperature. Then once he is used to the bottle bugger around with temps.
  • Formula feeding has advantages. These are awesome
  • You will miss breastfeeding. 

Otherwise don’t stress so much. For what ever reason you are changing over formula isn’t the devil. I was brought up on it and so was half the world.


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