Loving Yourself

How I now LOVE my Fat Thighs.

I am forever on a diet. Well not an actual diet. More like a ‘I wont it crap today diet’. This diet has limited success. Some days it has fallen apart by my breakfast toast. This generally has anything sugar added on top. Other days we manage an entire 24 hours. Needless to say I am not going to be skinny any time soon.So these are my hot tips for the rounder version of a Gorgeous woman.

Buy the right size.

I’m deadly serious. I have added a few inches to my post pregnancy wardrobe. Nothing makes you want to eat candy like feeling bad about yourself. Having you voluptuous love handles trying to make a bid for freedom out of your jeans does that.

Love your curves.

Yes we hear it all the time. But I mean stand in front of the mirror and love that body.  The first time I did this I beat myself up. OOPS.  Second time I realized I needed a wax or to invest in razor. It takes practice.

Add a tag approval to Facebook.

Yup add that in. We all have that one friend who merrily takes endless photos of herself. Filters, airbrushes and poses just right. Lucky girl looks like a legend in every photo. I have 3 looks. 10 times my actual size. 2. Deranged killer 3. Slightly awkward but it will do. Number 3 makes it in. Hey, why not.

Accept the compliment and remember it.

So we actually do get complimented but never hear it. In the last week I got told I look good, look nice and my hair looks pretty. I heard them and didn’t dismiss it.

Anyway let us know how you rock your gorgeous body.


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