My Top Embarrassing Mummy Moments in the last Month. #Awkward

All of us Mothers are perfect. Obviously. However there might be occasional slip up here and there. These are my two top moments in the last month.

The great Doctor’s race.

One morning I looked down to Damion and he had a ginormous lump on his head. Like life of its own lump. I decided dear Damion was a goner. He had clearly fallen when I wasn’t looking. It was such a great fall that he wasn’t even in tears! It must be brain damage! Essentially, I decided, he was on deaths door. I raced him into the doctor’s surgery. I passed all the other mothers with their little darlings. I needed the Doctor ASAP I explained.  In we went for the emergency consultation. I explained how my child was critically injured. Through tears I whimpered how clearly I was a terrible mother and had damaged my child. She listened calmly, prodded said large lump and announced my child had a mosquito bite. YES my near fatal head wound turned out to be a bog standard mozzy bite. Embarrassing Mummy Moment no 1.


The Biter.

I go to a baby class every Monday. It is supposed to stimulate your little ones different senses. It is actually lovely. It’s filled with truly sweet women with perfect cherub children. In the middle of one of these little classes is where Damion decided bite his mother for the first time. And boy did he chomp down. The correct reaction would have been to say “no Damion” and re-direct his attention. After all he is only 9 months. Instead I shouted loudly in the middle of the class “Ouch, Fuck, My child just bit me.” What followed was that awkward deathly quiet. Embarrassing Mummy Moment no 2.  


Please let us know your most embarrassing moment as a Mummy. xox

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