Newborn, Sleep Schedules

Newborn Sleep and Feeding

During the first 3 months your baby has no idea what they are doing. They seem to want to party at all the wrong times. Luckily this will normally sort itself out. You could have a bub that sleeps for short burst.. 30 mins or be a 4 hour sleeper.

In the early days the most important thing is to watch your baby’s sleep cues very closely. These are rubbing eyes, yawning, staring off into space and getting fussy. Let those guide the sleep schedule. If your baby is already fussing, he’s already overtired – ideally strive to get him down for his nap earlier next time.

New born feeds
A new born feeds all the time. That’s so ok. They have tiny tummies so it’s an understandable thing. If your breastfeeding this means your nipples are constantly taking a hammering. If you are bottle-feeding you spend your life washing and sterilizing bottles.
Growth Spurts.
• 7-10 days of age
• 2-3 weeks of age
• 4-6 weeks of age
• 3 months of age
These aren’t fun. You will feel like your new-born just eats all the time. That is OK and totally normal. Feed away.
My husband famously worried our son would spend the rest of his life obese because I fed on demand. If you are breastfeeding definitely feed on demand, your child will not be a ten- ton truck.


Only other thing to remember is this stage will pass. Schedules do start to sort themselves out around the 3 month mark. Keep attempting to catch some shut eye and Mum Good Luck. xoxox


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