Things I Never Realized about Parenting

These are a few of the things I had no idea I would feel about being a Parent.

  • You can find your kid boring. Legit this is allowed. In the early days I watched a lot of crap tv. There is only so much you can interact with a new-born. They basically can’t even see.
  • Those first few months are a new kind of hell. You will never be as tired as you are then. I knew about sleep deprivation but not how bad it would be.
  • I would negotiate poop with my Husband. Yes my husband and I spend a ridiculous amount of time negotiating who will change the next poopy nappy. “I did the last one”, “the one I did was bigger and smellier”.
  • You will fight more with your Husband. Unless you are Mother Theresa you will resent him and he you.
  • That everyone thinks you want to hear how to parent like them. They will hand out unbridled advice all the time. Like a bee attracted to your juice they will buzz around throwing information at you. Don’t attempt to swot them off just remain still and eventually the parent will leave.
  • You will worry all the time. I mean all the time.
  • And then the worst part is you will accidentally hurt your kid. My poor child has literally been walked into doorways. #mumguilt
  • You will race your child to the doctor to be told they are normal and fine.
  • You will love the little being so hard it hurts.
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